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Fabrizio Meynardi
Extreme camera operator, begins the study and the practice in the beginning of the 90s sustaining courses theoretical / practical of improvement necessary for the physical preparation and technique of the principal activities, climbed sporting indoor and outdoor, mountaineering, canyoning, extreme touring (survival school activity) the particular study of the aerial shooting to low quota and those in free fall. Along the activity of documentaristic camera operator has taken action in realization of different projects (short movies, movies, fictions, documentary and telecasts) 35 and 16 mm, analogic and digital HD as operator, director of photography, assistant director and specialized camera operator. All with the aid and the maximum availability of directors and directors of photography of high-level and long experience. On June 29, 2000, during the workmanship of a documentary, being victim of a serious accident, hes forced to suspend for a long period the extreme activity, without quitting the experience acquired in years of sacrifice, hard job and study. 
Today Fabrizio, is an photographer, cinematographer, steadicam operator, camera crane operator and hes specialized in the communication field, member of a team of indie production - teaching of the movie production - distribution and promotion of genre movies.



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